Hot Metal

Pouring the hot bronze into the ceramic moulds
I've got the bug! I've been really enjoying casting my own bronzes this year.
My Latest bronze creation is an ibex about 40cm high including the base which is currently at the sand blasters, having the remains of the ceramic shell removed . Up until the last pour i've done everything solid, but I've cast a few hollow this time.
I got into bronze casting this year, thanks to a friend of mine called Wayne Markwort. It takes two people to do the pour, and so its great to be able to learn with someone else.
I've just be finishing the patina on my largest cast thus far, a chameleon on a bendy stand 140cm high, and cast solid. I needed to buy a tig welder in order to join the three cast sections together.
There's still a lot to learn. I've been bemused by the way the green patina changes colour with the humidity.