I'll be demonstrating my craft this week at Craft In Focus, RHS Wisley

Bronze owl - edition 1/9 - This is one of the pieces that I'll have on display this year at RHS Wisley
Craft In Focus, RHS Wisley from 2nd to 6th May
I will be demonstrating clay and wax sculpture techniques and have a wide variety of pieces for sale in either ceramic or bronze
I’m frantically preparing everything that I need in order to demonstrate my sculpture techniques within the stunning grounds of RHS Wisley this weekend. As I type this mailout I’m thinking life-size hanging sloth, but there are some practicalities to consider and so I might be forced to show a little less ambition once I begin loading the van with owls and plinths. There are hundreds of demonstrators and exhibitors at this fantastic event in the spectacular grounds of RHS Wisley.