Art Market blog

Green Iguana in ceramic
The next Holmfirth Art Market is coming up on the 9th and 10th November and I've just sent them my blog. This Art Market has some great quality stands and is developing and great reputation.

Art Market - What motivates you to create your work?
I couldn't not create. I've never had a problem with motivation as I really enjoy what I do, and Im incredibly lucky to be able to do it.

What medium do you work in?
I still mostly use stoneware ceramic, but I also incorporate steel and resin, and I have been casting pieces in bronze

Describe what you do and the process you go through to achieve your finished product.
I start with a pose or animal or idea that Id like to bring to life, and then I think about how best to do it, and which medium to work in. I usually work from photos, and create a piece in sections that are either joined together before, or after firing. I don't have a set way of working as Im constantly adapting my technique. The piece/pieces are then fired to 1000 degrees, glazed with metal oxides and silicates and then fired again to 1230 degrees.

What body of work are you making for The Art Market, Holmfirth this November?
I've got a nice range of sea birds - gannets and puffins, and a very nice/ugly shoe bill

What are you looking forward to at the show?
I love the atmosphere at these shows, and its great to talk to other makers and catch up with what theyve been up to

As an artist it is important to be able to be objective about your work, what are you letting go of in 2013? And what have you learnt?
I've never been the best at learning from my mistakes, and I find it hard to let go of anything, but my work is constantly evolving into an ever more complex web of attempted styles and techniques.

Any news to share?
I need a new car/van! Doblo/Berlingo/Partner/Kangoo The practicle self-employed-family-craft-persons car of choice.

What is your new mantra going forwards?
Dont rush - get it right!